Campaign Success: Clim8

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Clim8 is a sustainable investment app who has raised £1.5m from over 1400 investors on Crowdcube. We spoke with Founder and CEO, Duncan Grierson, to hear his Crowdcube success story.

What attracted Clim8 to equity crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding is strategic for us. It is a fantastic marketing tool, to build the brand and acquire investors who likely become users of the product and also share with their networks.

Were there any resources or external support services you used for your Crowdcube campaign?


Several members of the Clim8 team have fundraising experience, and we also work very closely with our crowdfunding platform to make the most of the campaign. It’s important to have a close-knit relationship with the crowdfunding team to make the most of the campaign. They provided us with some useful guidelines. 

What would you say has been the most challenging part of the process?


The Coronavirus outbreak has put the world on hold, including the ecosystem of startups and fundraising. Some companies decided to postpone their pitches. Many investors have new concerns that could affect their investing behaviour. We decided to go ahead, as we want to make a positive impact on climate change and the Covid-19 crisis demonstrates that the world needs to become more resilient to crises. Our campaign is going really well, with over 750 investors and more than £750k raised so far. 

Hear more about Duncan’s experience of Crowdfunding during the Coronavirus crisis in our dedicated post here.

What do you think has been the key to your Crowdcube success?


A strong business proposal is critical to get investors buy-in. An informative and relevant pitch deck is also substantial. And being available potential investors to answer their questions. 

What would be your top crowdfunding tips?

The main one is to be well prepared and warm-up investors well in advance. Get those investors on board as soon as you can. The early investors will also be your army of ambassadors. 
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