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ISQ Crowdfunding (formerly Ideasquares) is the UK’s leading crowdfunding agency. We spoke with CEO, Kirsty Ranger to find out more.

What led you to set up ISQ Crowdfunding?


ISQ Crowdfunding itself was funded via crowdfunding. The process of raising money in this way was scary, very public and difficult to navigate, in that you don’t know what you don’t know! Despite raising successfully, I remember thinking it would have been really useful to have some expert help to make sure I had made the most of our campaign and so our crowdfunding support model was born.

What service does ISQ Crowdfunding offer?


We understand that every fundraising attempt is different, so we offer personalised project management that supports all aspects of crowdfunding campaigns for Europe’s leading equity platforms. We focus on preparing companies properly for crowdfunding and boosting their campaign’s potential. Our clients have an extremely high success rate on their chosen equity platforms and are typically ready to fund in 4-12 weeks. We’ve now helped hundreds of companies raise millions. 

What types of businesses do you work with?

We try to remain sector agnostic, and we keep an eye on the trends in the market. Investment appetite changes all the time, so we try to ensure we aren’t wasting people’s time by working with companies we know might have difficulty funding. That being said, we are happy to talk to most entrepreneurs and discuss if crowdfunding is a sensible move right now. In terms of the stage of the company’s growth, generally, we find ourselves working with companies that are generating revenue and in the ‘growth’ stage, to raise on average between £250k-£2.5m. However, we have also supported early-stage ventures with raises as little as £50k, where we feel there is a realistic chance of success, with the right support.

Can you give an example of a recent campaign you supported?


A recent favourite of ours was Savvy Navvy who raised c£330k on Seedrs, exceeding their initial target by over 260%. They were just so much fun to work with. They took everything we said on board and nailed the execution of their campaign after ten weeks of careful planning, and it paid off. We would 100% love to support them on future raises, and we hope the feeling is mutual.

What are your top tips for equity crowdfunding success?

Simply, prepare! Prepare your documents, prepare your crowd, prepare your marketing, prepare your staff, resources, investors, mind. Just a few weeks of preparation can mean the difference between a campaign that flies to success in a matter of days once launched and exceeds its target and a campaign that takes 60 days to crawl over the line or worse, fail. Don’t rush to launch a sloppy campaign. Investors won’t like it, and you’ll lose out overall.

Find out how ISQ Crowdfunding can support you with your equity crowdfunding campaign.

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