Meet The Founders: ManiLife

ManiLife is an craft peanut butter brand whose raised over £1m on Seedrs across three campaigns. We caught up with Founder,
Stuart Macdonald to find out more about their equity crowdfunding success.   
What attracted you to equity crowdfunding?

My friend Gigi worked for Seedrs when we did our first raise – haven’t looked back. As a consumer brand it makes a lot of sense!

Aside from capital, how has your company benefited from crowdfunding?

Having 660+ people that are actively incentivised to tell all their friends about your product – I’ve met some really interesting people too.

Were there any resources or external support services you used for any of your campaigns?

Not really – my fiancee ( is a whiz filmmaker – she made our most recent crowdfunding video – fortunately she’d just gone freelance as we decided to do it so she gave me a fantastic deal. The guys at double three tv did our first one which was also great!

What do you think has been the key to your crowdfunding success? 

Having an engaged community that was primed and ready to go once we hit launch.
Do you have any top tips to share with the community?
Get into overfunding as quickly as you can. It’s amazing how so many have made the same mistake – if you want to raise £1m you’re much more likely to hit it if you set your target at £250k than you are if you set your target at £1m. It’s not dishonest, it’s just smart.

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