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IdeaSquares is Europe’s leading crowdfunding agency. They have supported hundreds of companies to raise millions on Europe’s top equity platforms.

How they work

Step 1 - Investor deck repurposing & crowd planning

The team will start by discussing your fundraising strategy and decide on a sensible timeline for your campaign. They'll support you with the creation of your investor presentation and the preparation of your crowdfunding mailing list.

Step 2 - Campaign preparation & communications

The team will work with you to prepare your financial promotion and script your crowdfunding video. They will also support you with the development of your campaign marketing plan to ensure that you have a clear strategy for getting the most out of multiple marketing channels.

Step 3 - Preparation for launch

In anticipation to the launch of your campaign, they will refine your marketing efforts and prepare to position and market your live campaign to make sure your chance of success is high.

Step 4 - Live campaign

Throughout the duration of your campaign, they track your campaign performance and remain on hand to support and advise you.


The team at IdeaSquares have been nothing short of revolutionary. They got us from a standing start to a 230% funded crowdfund campaign in just over 7 weeks. We would never have been able to achieve such success without their strategy, planning, coaching, support and advice.


Overfunded via Seedrs

The IdeaSquares team added very significant value to our extremely successful Crowdcube raise. They provided structure, wise guidance founded on experience, and have a lovely coaching style that you welcome during the process. If you’re crowdfunding and want to increase the probability of success, reduce and the complexity and stress, get IdeaSquares involved.

Glovebox Direct

Funded in less than 72 hours via Crowdcube

If you’re considering Crowdfunding, you HAVE to talk to IdeaSquares. Our campaign reached its target within just a few days of going public and we certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without their help and guidance!


Funded in under a week via Seedrs

IdeaSquares are extremely impressive and highly knowledgeable crowdfunding experts. If you have IdeaSquares on board for your campaign, the chances of you funding increase significantly.

The Funky Iron Company

Overfunded via Seedrs

IdeaSquares are an essential medium for crowdfunding, you always have the back up required when navigating through what initially looks like a very daunting process.

Country Matters

Overfunded via Crowdcube

When we decided to do a crowd campaign we thought we would not need any extra help. Wrong. As founders, we do not have all the time needed and to be on our own and make the best of a crowd campaign.


Overfunded via Crowdcube

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