Kickbooster is a referral marketing tool that allows campaign owners to incentivize others to help them spread the word about their campaign.



Create a pre-launch page to begin collecting email addresses and start building the hype for yout upcoming product launch.

Referral Marketing

Set up a referral program to give blogger, media outlets, and your customers incentive to drive more sales.


These guys have their act together. I’m glad I took a chance & signed on. The percentage-based fees are fair and it takes the risk out of paying heavy front-loaded fees that other Kickstarter ‘Traffic Drivers’ demand. With Kickbooster you have nothing to lose and backers to gain.

Steve Underwood

Pakpod Tripod

Kickbooster has been the highest returning marketing method we have used so far in our Kickstarter campaign. Great product, great team, super easy to work with and understand.



Kickbooster is a great, reliable, and simple to use referral system for those that don’t want to/can’t code one up on their own.

Nate Castle



$29 / month
  • commission on funds raised through Kickbooster (3% to Kickbooster + % to Boosters)
  • Free to sign up
  • Cancel your subscription anytime
  • You decide what % to pay out to your Boosters